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Michigan Fire Inspectors Society

Exchange, Encourage, and Educate in the Interest of Fire Protection

about us

Goal #1 - Be an advocate for Residential Sprinkler Systems to Prevent loss to Life and Property

  • Develop a residential sprinkler education program in Module II of the Michigan Fire Inspector I certification program
  • Attend 4 residential sprinkler coalition meetings
  • Outreach venues to conduct 4 side-by-side burns to stress the importance of residential sprinkler systems
  • Establish a grant program to assist MFIS membership in installing residential sprinklers in their homes
  • Develop 6 partnerships with statewide sprinkler contractors to install sprinkler systems in the residential homes
  • Develop a residential sprinkler education program for FF2 (by 2018)
  • Be instrumental in having 6 residential homes sprinkled (by 2018)

Goal #2 - Advocate the importance of community risk reduction to state and local elected officials.

  • Track participation of MFIS membership to MFIS promoted elected official outreach events
  • Attend 90% of the State Code Hearings related to fire and building code development
  • Participate in 100% of the Ad Hoc Committee Meetings related to code changes as it relates to fire and life safety of Michigan Residents

​Goal #3 - Increase the quantity of Michigan fire Inspectors, and promote higher certification levels.

  • Increase the number of certified Fire Inspector II and Plans examiner certifications by 10%
  • Increase MFIS membership by 10
  • Attend 2 Michigan conferences related to other fire service and professional related organizations to promote MFIS
  • Increase the number of certified PA 150 registered code officials by 20% (by 2018)

Goal #4 - Oversee the appointed committees to provide guidance in MFIS expected goals and objectives

  • Generate committee descriptions for each committee the MFIS board oversees. 

Goal #5 - Participate in other inspector organizations throughout the country to share and learn new ideas for success

  • In 2017, MFIS will attend 2 training programs outside the State of Michigan to exchange ideas on mutually enhancing our organizations 
  • Obtain ICC Chapter Membership for the MFIS organization (by 2018)

Goal #6 - Promote continued education in fire and life safety awareness throughout Michigan

  • Promote all regional inspector organizations using the seminar brochure
  • Develop training programs for the 2017 and 2018 conferences that meet the PA 207 Fire Inspector recertification requirements. 
  • Develop and implement a website training program for the September 2017 conference. 
  • By August 2017, reformat the MFIS website to be utilized as a user-friendly information database.
  • Reserve time for an open forum to present successful risk reduction programs at the MFIS conferences.
  • Research social media opportunities for fire and life safety outreach. (by 2018)

Any person interested in the protection of life and property from the hazards of fire shall be eligible for membership in the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society. Membership shall be on an individual basis.

our goals

​Michigan Fire Inspector’s Society is the premier code organization in the State of Michigan. With almost 600 members, we represent the wide interest of Michigan’s Fire Inspectors.

The organization utilizes multiple committees to assist our membership and the public safety in Michigan. These committees include our membership serving to provide updated rules or monitor code changes.

MFIS works to educate our members on current trends and practices at our yearly conferences which include the fall educational seminar and winter educational conference. 

Join today and see what MFIS can do for you!

         OUR MISSION

“The mission of the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society is to aid in the preservation of life and property through the exchange of ideas in fire prevention, education and suppression and to encourage cooperation of state and local agencies in solving Michigan’s fire problem.”