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May 6, 2017                                           MI/WI Combined Conference          Iron Mountain, MI

June 21, 2017                                         Golf Outing                                          Webberville, MI

September 12-15, 2017                        Fall Educational Conference          East Lansing, MI



The Michigan Fire Inspectors Society is the premier code organization in the State of Michigan. With almost 600 members, we represent the wide interest of Michigan’s Fire Inspectors. The organization utilizes multiple committees to assist our membership and the public's safety in Michigan. These committees include our membership serving to provide updated rules or monitor code changes. MFIS works to educate our members on current trends and practices at our yearly conferences which include the fall educational seminar and winter educational seminar.

One of our Pub Ed Hero’s, Chief Greg Janik and Captain Chris Mantels of the Saugatuck Township Fire District have been working with the Douglas Elementary Schools to educate the staff and students on basic life safety issues...

Greg and Chris, 
I had to tell you about our trip to the SCA film fest today. I sat next to one of my students from last year (current 1st grader). Just as the lights went down he said, "There are 2 exits, I don't know which one to use." He was calm, and I knew he was referring to the lessons you have done this year. I replied, "Hopefully we don't need to, but great job noticing where they are. When we are done we will go back out the exit we came in." WOW! it is really cool all of the powerful lessons you have added this year, simple, yet effective. 
This student also happens to have autism, which may make it even more profound that he made this connection. You gave him the power to be matter of fact and calm, but know his surroundings. 
My own kids were having this discussion at LOWES last week. My kindergartener had your lesson, and my 4 year old is now benefiting from her knowledge. Thanks for all you do in helping empower our littlest ones for the rest of their lives. It is working! 
Michelle Heyser
Kindergarten Teacher
Saugatuck Public Schools

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