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Michigan Fire Inspectors Society

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January 8, 2018                              
In response to rising toll of active shooter and hostile events, NFPA to fast-track a new standard for unified response

October 20, 2017                             
Stay safe this Halloween with NFPA's fire safety tips

​September 14. 2017                                 NFPA launches Policy Institute to support fire and life safety efforts        

​June 27, 2017                                    
NFPA to develop fire risk assessment tool in response to tragic high-rise fires incidents         


May 8, 2017                                          Good Morning America segment on children's response to smoke alarms reinforces need for home fire sprinklers​

May 1, 2017                                            NFPA, ESFI emphasize importance of electrical fire safety during National Electrical Safety Month

April 18, 2017                                              Why home sprinklers are a good idea


March 23, 2017                                         Home fire sprinkler trade ups or trade offs – and do words really matter?

​​March 20, 2017

UL Announces Certification for Electronic Cigarettes

From the state fire marshal



The Michigan Fire Inspectors Society is the premier code organization in the State of Michigan. With almost 600 members, we represent the wide interest of Michigan’s Fire Inspectors. The organization utilizes multiple committees to assist our membership and the public's safety in Michigan. These committees include our membership serving to provide updated rules or monitor code changes. MFIS works to educate our members on current trends and practices at our yearly conferences which include the fall educational seminar and winter educational seminar.


January 17-19, 2018                               Winter Educational Seminar              East Lansing, MI    

May 5, 2018                                              MI/Wisc Combined Conference         Iron Mountain, MI   

June 20, 2018                                Kevin J. Abbasse Golf Outing             Webberville, MI   

September 11-14, 2018                         Fall Educational Conference             East Lansing, MI


State Fire Marshal Releases Community Risk Reduction Plan to Help Prevent Residential Fire Fatalities 

November 1, 2017 - Reducing Michigan’s high number of residential fire fatalities is the primary goal of a statewide Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan announced today by State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer. Michigan has ranked in the top tier of states nationally for its high number of residential fire fatalities for the last several years.

“With increased fire training and focused community outreach programs, the Michigan Fire Service has a responsibility to instill a cultural change across the state about fire and life safety in our homes, our schools, and our communities,” said Sehlmeyer. “The focus is to build a sustainable plan for all communities to be implemented with the assistance of local fire departments and other disciplines for years to come, as we all have a vested interest in community risk reduction. Our lives literally depend on it.”

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