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Community Risk Reduction SUCCESS story!

September 14. 2017                                 NFPA launches Policy Institute to support fire and life safety efforts        

June 27, 2017                                     NFPA to develop fire risk assessment tool in response to tragic high-rise fires incidents          

May 8, 2017                                          Good Morning America segment on children's response to smoke alarms reinforces need for home fire sprinklers​

May 1, 2017                                            NFPA, ESFI emphasize importance of electrical fire safety during National Electrical Safety Month

April 18, 2017                                              Why home sprinklers are a good idea

​​March 23, 2017                                         Home fire sprinkler trade ups or trade offs – and do words really matter?

​​March 20, 2017

UL Announces Certification for Electronic Cigarettes

Feburary 21, 2017

NFPA safety bulletin highlights the importance of fire hose code adherence, as modern day fires grow faster and hotter

January 29, 2017

NFPA issues safety bulletin on firefighter protective hoods

 A Grand Rapids Fire Department program has helped thousands of people take appropriate fire safety precautions.

The Residential Safety Program completed its 7,000th smoke detector home safety assessment on Wednesday in the Creston neighborhood district.

Since starting the program in 2013, GRFD has installed 43,000 smoke alarms in 7,000 homes, adding an extra layer of protection for people living in the city.

“It’s that early warning sign that gives residents a chance to be able to get out in case of a fire,” Grand Rapids Fire Chief John Lehman said.

The program was started when fire officials across the county wanted to reduce deaths and injuries in residential fires.

Fire departments have been promoting the use of smoke detectors and giving them away for years. Despite that, homes are still being found with improperly installed smoke detectors or none at all.

In three residential fire deaths recorded in Grand Rapids since this time last year, detectors were not properly installed in two of the homes.

The Residential Safety Program uses federal grant dollars to send fire crews out to install detectors in homes and check for other fire hazards.

“Our crews that are answering over 60 calls on a daily basis for emergency assistance are able to fit this schedule into their day,” said Lehman.

The initiative has caught the attention of others, including the State Fire Marshal, which is looking for ways to promote similar programs throughout Michigan.

Although Grand Rapids is taking steps to improve fire safety, the problem is far from solved.

Fire officials estimate that about half of the homes in Grand Rapids only have one smoke detector, if any at all.

The effort is becoming a nationwide fire prevention model.

“We’re taking credit for being the largest installer and hitting the most households and the number of units installed in the nation right now,” Lehman said.
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​Published July 12, 2017


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One of our goals is to be an advocate for Community Risk Reduction within our communities. Grand Rapids Fire Department has installed their 7,000th smoke alarm in their community.  A job well done GRFD!

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